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Meeting Your Needs

Crane Truck Services

Safetrans is well equipped in all types of crane truck transport.

Construction Site Deliveries

Safetrans is well versed in the delivery of freight to construction sites.

Local and Regional Freight

Safetrans can deliver locally or anywhere within Victoria.

Courier & Taxi Truck Services

Safetrans has a variety of vehicles to meet your daily needs.

Contracting or Daily Transportation

Safetrans can tailor daily or permanent contracting services to suit your needs

Express (Shotgun) Transport

Safetrans can assist in those last minute emergencies.


Our Background

Safetrans is an Australian owned and operated transport company, established in 2006. 

Safetrans offers quality focused and cost-effective transport services. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your goods without delay or damage. Whether in Metro Melbourne, Regional Victoria or beyond, we provide a safe, reliable and timely transport service meeting your requirements at any time of day. 

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What Sets Us Apart


On Time


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Safely at Safetrans

  • Safetrans strives to maintain a zero-incident target.

  • Safety is at the forefront of our business for customers, drivers and products.

  • Vehicles have inbuilt safety aids which protect your goods during transit.

  • Our vehicles are equipped with safety systems to protect the driver and product during the loading/unloading process.

  • Our equipment is constantly monitored.

  • Safety management systems form part of our fleet.

Customer Service

  • Timely and reliable transport solutions are offered each and every time.

  • Access to a clear and constant line of communication.

  • Complete transparency and visibility during transportation of your goods.

  • Always available to offer a smooth operation whilst keeping our customers informed.

  • Our highly trained staff provide a seamless delivery experience.

  • Prompt to respond to any queries

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Technology at Safetrans

  • Technologies offer transparency and visibility to our clients at any given time.

  • Live updates of your product are offered at any point of transport.

  • Reassurance of the safe and timely delivery of your product.

  • Access to a range of technologies allowing real-time access.

  • Constant tracking and delivery of inventory through cloud-based systems.

  • Business intelligence is accessible through cloud-based applications and integration with existing business systems.

Flexibility and Reliability

  • We provide seamless, reliable and efficient transport solutions.

  • We offer flexible and innovative transport solutions to all our customers.

  • We create (offer) tailor-made transport solutions with flexible transport options to suit your needs.

  • Being a smaller run company, we work with you to offer flexibility and diversity in our transport solutions.

  • Always available to troubleshoot delivery options.

  • We make things happen, in a safe, reliable and efficient manner


Environmental Sustainability

Safetrans is a dedicated leader in environmental sustainability.


Safetrans’ latest vehicles have Euro 6 emission standards, the most environmentally friendly available.


Safetrans has proudly partnered with Greenfleet to offset the environmental impact of its fleet. Every year Safetrans offsets its carbon footprint with Greenfleet who plant native, biodiverse forests around Australia. These forests capture carbon emissions and help fight the impacts of climate change. Safetrans is committed to protecting our climate, enhancing soil and water quality, and restoring habitats for native wildlife, including many endangered species.

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Safetrans Safe & Efficient 

On time



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