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The Full Story


Who is Safetrans?

Safetrans is an Australian owned and operated transport company, established in 2006. 

Safetrans started with one vehicle and with our vision, purpose and endless dedication we have established a well-maintained fleet of vehicles to deliver tailor-made transport solutions.

Safetrans offers quality-focused and cost-effective transport services. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your goods without delay or damage. Whether in Metro Melbourne, Regional Victoria or beyond, we provide a safe, reliable and timely transport service and can meet your requirements at any time of day. 

Safetrans offers a range of delivery services ranging from: ad hoc, express, contracting (short or permanent) to name a few. We specialise in offering flexibility, innovation and tailor-made transport solutions to meet your transport needs. 

Safety and flexibility are our priorities at Safetrans. We strive for zero incidents and rate schedules are tailored to your requirements.


Why Safetrans?

Safetrans offers efficient, safe and flexible transport solutions. We are reliable, contactable and offer visibility of your freight from pickup to drop off. 

Safetrans is an Australian, family-owned business.


We understand the need to deliver quality outcomes and are driven to maintain customers satisfaction, thereby building long-term relationships. We pride ourselves on communication and are always in direct contact with our customers.

Safetrans will work with you to find the transport solution you need. We deliver flexible and innovative transport solutions in a safe and timely manner. 

Our friendly staff at Safetrans are always contactable.

Why Safetrans?

Where Do We See Ourselves?

Safetrans strives to continue to grow its functionality whilst maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Our well-maintained fleet is constantly expanding and we apply our expertise to design and operate safe transport solutions, tailored to meet our customers’ expectations. 

The focus at Safetrans is to provide its clientele with a service centred on safety and flexibility, efficiency and communication, innovation and support.

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Where we going?
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Our Vision

  • Safetrans is committed to offering safe transport solutions.

  • To continue to be reliable transport company.

  • To be innovative and flexible in our approach.

  • To deliver tailor-made transport solutions.

  • To establish, build and maintain long-term relationships.

  • Your satisfaction is our success.

Values and Culture

  • Safetrans is committed to providing safe and reliable transport solutions in a safe and cost-effective manner.

  • We pride ourselves on communication and collaboration with our staff and customers.

  • Unique approach as a family run business, honest, transparent and attentive.

  • Committed to providing flexible and innovative transport solutions.

  • Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our service.

  • Your satisfaction is our success.

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Safety and Compliance

Safety is the priority at Safetrans.

We strive to eliminate or mitigate every possible safety risk at our clients’ site, on the road and at our customer facilities.

We pride ourselves on delivering your freight safely, on time and within budget.

We work closely with unionised sites and comply with all their safety requirements. 

Health and Safety Management Systems are in place and can be integrated into your transport solution.


We can meet the most stringent safety standards.

Our Vision
Value & Culture

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Our Team

Proudly Family Owned

Being a family owned and operated business, the Safetrans team is integral to our success and growth.

Safetrans is committed to employing the highest quality drivers and support staff in the industry. 

Our drivers are experienced and well-trained with the relevant licences and tickets needed to complete their daily tasks in the safest possible manner. 

Our office is run by proficient, knowledgeable and dedicated staff, available to engage and respond to all your queries.

We engage an entrusted team of full-time staff, casual staff and permanent subcontractors to meet your transportation needs. 

Our Team
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Jim Vlahos

Jim Vlahos has been around trucks his whole life. In 1996 Jim began a long career in the transport industry, working as an owner-driver then a subcontractor. In 2006, Jim became the Director of his own Logistics Company.

Years of experience have equipped Jim with the knowledge and expertise required to direct a successful and trusted transport company. Jim’s skills and professionalism have established Safetrans as a key player in the transport field. His focus and priorities lie in offering reliability, safety and communication whilst providing efficient and innovative transport solutions. No transport request is out of range  - Jim makes things happen.

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Our Quality Guarantee

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